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I really need to figure out what to do and would like both your prayers for clarity and your advice, if any.


1. I am unemployed

2. My husband, the Hot Scot, is unemployed again and in the process of re-opening his dwindling extended benefits claim

3. We have $83 dollars to our name and I have a paycheck coming from my part time bookkeeper job at the church this week (sufficient for gas, groceries and maybe a small bill - thank you, God)

4. We have $1,500 dollars worth of regular monthly bills (not including groceries and gas) due in the next 7 days, $1,200 of which is our mortgage

5. I interviewed for a job on Monday that sound SO MUCH like my wonderful job that went away in 2003 that it's kind of spooky, with the exception that it's a corporate job on site in the city instead of a consulting job that I can do in my pj's at home. It would be an opportunity to increase my skills as a developer and bridge to a full time developer position in time. It's a six month contract-to-hire position, and I believe that if I were to attain the contract, I would be hired permanently. I was headhunted by two different firms for this position, based on an OLD careerbuilder resume that didn't even include my MS certifications as a web developer. The contract would pay in the neighborhood of $20 per hour (with insurance available - no company-paid premium). The permanent position would pay in the high 40's - low 50's, plus (really great, so I'm told) benefits. The company appears to have a culture that is highly employee centered, with much lower than average turnover. They are announcing who will get second interviews on Friday. It is a position that I know that I would enjoy very much and for which I am really jonesing, but I don't know if I'm going to get it and I don't know when I would start if I were to get it, although my guess would be week after next.

6. I am in the process of building a website for my mentor, for which I will get just shy of a grand. He is willing to pay me in advance of the client paying him for the work to date (as of X date - this week, anyway), because he knows we're in a jam. He also has some lower paid data entry stuff that he would throw my way for the same reason, subject to client commitment. Also, further stuff is in the works, but not immediate, that would be REALLY exciting. Taking the great job described above would not necessarily preclude my continuing in that vein, but he has already expressed some reservations about his "luck working with moonlighters" - and I haven't really built a stellar record with him of working on his stuff (all for no pay so far) while being full-time employed. I believe I can overcome that, but it's an unknown and would involve some pretty hefty working hours.

7. My old boss Brenda called me Monday evening with a job offer. It is a temporary position - lasting through 9/30/11. It is a clerical job that I could basically nap through (read: listen to podfic all day and still not screw up), and I've already told her (to her great amusement) that it sounds like a nightmare job for me - I'm grossly overqualified (it's basically an admin 1 position - think file clerk). But it freaking pays $25.21 per hour (no benefits) and I could start NOW - like day after tomorrow NOW

Hence, my dilemma.

My immediate plan:

  • Consult circle of wise ones - I sent an email to my sisters and a couple of other wise women I know, and I'm now (somewhat impulsively, but also with a sense of optimism) posting this here

  • Meditate for a good long time in the morning (after I get some sleep - if I get some sleep) and pray for the right path to be made clear

  • Contact the mortgage company and see if they'll give us an extension (and probably the other creditors, as well)

  • Call my mentor and discuss

  • Call recruiter that sent me for the interview and discuss

  • Weigh pros and cons, discuss with Hot Scot

  • Find out from Brenda when she absolutely, positively has to know "yes or no"

I know there are lots of possible paths open to me that I may not see, but I see these main ones:

1. Tell Brenda that I won't know until after I hear definitely from my interview. This means that I likely would NOT get the highly paid and boring file clerk job. So, I might get the great job, but I could end up with still no job.

2. Take the highly paid and boring file clerk job, use my then-underutilized brain capacity to work on projects and take the next 8 months working with my mentor on building further markets for my services while our bills are covered, also allowing the Hot Scot to work with his mentor to build markets for their services (Industrial Hygiene).

Please give me the benefit of your wisdom! What can you see that I am not considering?

And please see with me the pathway becoming clear that will lead to the highest good for Me, The Hot Scot, the Sardonic But Angsting Teenage Daughter, The Boy with Poor Impulse Control, the College-Age Son and his Beloved Fiancee. Please affirm with me the truth that God is our instant, constant and abundant source of supply and that all of us have, right here and right now, enough time, energy, wisdom and money to accomplish our hearts' desires. All those involved in these decisions are receptive and acting out of love and integrity, for the highest good of all concerned.

Also, see with me a change in the hearts and minds of America - the truth that there can be enough for everyone; that no one has to be desperate in order for the economy to thrive; that liberalism and generosity are qualities that we can take pride in; that no one that has to be without options; that we really do care about the sick, the poor, the old and the young.

Thank you very much for your love and friendship.

January 2016


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