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1) It was a bad thing to find out LJ is back up this morning - I've been at "work" for 2 hours, and I'm leaving in 2 for family wedding festivities (think good thoughts for Carrie, Brian and their families!!!). Don't ask how much "work" I've gotten done today, because I'll plead the 5th. And its month end. Yikes. I'd better make this short.

1)I still tend to default to LJ, even though I have logons for AO3 and DW (I probably have DW codes - anyone want them?). I've found a good percentage of my flist on DW - the gap seems to be a) in the LJ communities, as they either have no presence here or don't update consistently; and b)my friends, like me, seem to update on LJ, but not on DW. I'm afraid I'll miss things. I think I've only had one friend say, "don't look for me on LJ - I'm exclusively on DW" even though several cross-post. What are your thoughts? I've really about had it with the DDOS situation on LJ, and I don't like how they seem to not understand that a lot of us don't WANT our Facebooks to know about our LJs.

2) I'm sleeping about 4 hours a night during the week and crashing on the weekend. I'm too busy with work related stuff, and my husband is calling me on it. I took the kids for frozen yogurt last night - the first treat of that kind all Summer, and school starts in less than a month!!!!! I tend rob my sleep time to feed my leisure time. Trying to work freelance while FT employed with a 2 hour daily commute is not working for me. My freelance stuff gets dragged out and dragged out, making me look bad, but with the Hot Scot unemployed and only intermittently freelancing, I just can't cut the dead end job loose, since it's paying for things like our mortgage and our food. I'm also worried about losing skills that were expensive and time-consuming to attain, not to mention losing confidence in my abilities. Your advice, thoughts and encouragement are entirely welcomed!!!

3) On a lighter note, Brother Dog got majorly skunked yesterday. I have never been particularly bothered by skunk smell. He must have been sniffing the critter's scent glands when it cut loose because he was soaked and I was retching. Hot Scot brought him IN THE HOUSE to clean him and now the house smells worse than the dog does. It smells like the skunk is under the couch it's so bad. I could smell it in the garage! It's so bad Sister Dog didn't want to come in !!!

4) Reverend Shan and I are teaming up to improve our health. I now weigh more than I ever have in my ENTIRE life (including the three times I was 9 months pregnant!!!!). I've been so inspired by my friend [personal profile] darkemeralds. I know I have to be patient and it is going to take time (I didn't gain it over night and I'm sure not going to lose it over night, either). I'm going without anti-depressants for the first time in over a decade (can't believe it's been that long!). When you go in a month from 300 mg of Effexor plus a dose of Adderall to 75 mg of Effexor and you feel ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENT, you tend to wonder about the efficacy of your medication regime. I'm going with Ilardi's "Therapeutic Lifestyle Change" instead.

HMM - this was not short!!!! Back to work!! Hi Ho, Hi Ho!

p.s. This is not short and I'm not sure my cut is working - SORRY!!!! I'll get it figured out!

Date: 2011-07-29 11:25 pm (UTC)
mrshamill: (Because I said so.)
From: [personal profile] mrshamill
Well, I'll read you more over here, since it's my default page, and I'm hoping more people will at least cross-post over here now, because I have more people friended here and less over on LJ. All these DDoS attacks -- and I think it's only gonna get worse.

As for you -- you've gotta take care of yourself or you're going to burn out! Four hours a night is not good. I know how it feels, though, this is a rough period of time. We're still a little wobbly ATM ourselves, what with MrHamill being in the Fed.

GAH. Bad time for everyone.

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