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Hi, there -

I'm looking for help from anyone that knows anything about fanmixes. My daughter is doing an assignment for school where she has to create a fanmix for the book she is analyzing - her English teacher does a lot of creative stuff in lieu of book reports.

Are there any sites that you like for finding songs by THEME? For example, she's doing Ender's Shadow, and she needs a song to represent Achilles. My husband, who is quite an audiophile and walking Music encyclopedia, tried to help us, but we really didn't come up with anything. So, I'd like her to be able to search for themes of powerlessness, vulnerability, violence...

Any suggestions for resources?

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I really need to figure out what to do and would like both your prayers for clarity and your advice, if any.


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Also, see with me a change in the hearts and minds of America - the truth that there can be enough for everyone; that no one has to be desperate in order for the economy to thrive; that liberalism and generosity are qualities that we can take pride in; that no one that has to be without options; that we really do care about the sick, the poor, the old and the young.

Thank you very much for your love and friendship.
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In 1980, John introduced me to his brother-in-law, Andrew Fogarty. He was exotic for Kansas City, with a pronounced New York accent and a dry sense of humor. He was one of the kindest, gentlest, funniest and smartest men I have ever met. He reminded me in many ways of my own father - a thinker and a feeler, not a talker.
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Andy - I will miss you terribly.

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